Welcome to the Metrics Database. The public is welcome to view, search, and export the data. All UCAR staff can log in and enter metrics data with a UCAS login and password.

We are committed to collecting and reporting on a comprehensive set of performance objectives and metrics to help our management, NSF, and our other sponsors in a variety of ways—for internal purposes, such as strategic planning, performance reviews, and resource allocation; and for external purposes, such as measuring our scientific impact, facilitating comparisons with other organizations, documenting our contributions to our community, and creating accountability for congressional and tax payers’ investments in atmospheric and related sciences. Our Cooperative Agreement with NSF requires regular reporting on performance metrics and they are required components of the NSF NCAR Science Reviews and NSF UCAR Management reviews. We report metrics in the annual Program Operating Plans to NSF and our NCAR and Lab Annual reports. Tom Bogdan, UCAR President, shares our metrics when he visits UCAR community member institution and meets with the UCAR Board of Trustees. With the enhanced reporting features in the Metrics Database, labs and individuals can now run reports on all the metrics categories for performance reporting and in the future there will be links to the staff directory and program web pages.