Cyberinfrastructure for
Environmental Research and Education

A Workshop Sponsored by the National Science Foundation
October 30 - November 1, 2002

Background: The NSF Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee on Cyberinfrastructure is recommending major increases in the support for cyberinfrastructure activities across multiple disciplines as a means of "revolutionizing science and engineering". The NSF Advisory Committee on Environmental Research and Education (ERE) has laid out an ambitious research agenda focused on coupled human and natural systems, coupled biological and physical systems, and people and technology as interdisciplinary environmental research frontiers for the next decade, and identifies cyberinfrastructure as a key enabling technology to support science and education that addresses these areas. Our workshop is intended to begin addressing the intersection of these two reports.

Identifying cyberinfrastructure priorities for environmental research and education will be a complex process. Our premise is that a workshop that gathers leading members from the environmental research and education and information science and technology communities to consider needs and opportunities will be a valuable initial step in identifying issues and developing recommendations for consideration in NSF program planning, as well as further elaboration in subsequent more focused analyses and workshops.


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