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Survey of Collaborative Activities at NCAR


The NCAR Directorate is working with the Social Science Research Council to help assess and characterize the collaborative science activities of NCAR’s scientific and technical staff. This information will serve as a valuable input to the planning and implementation of NCAR’s science programs and projects, and will assist NCAR management with understanding the progress and outcomes of the NCAR reorganization.

The analysis will be conducted by Dr. Diana Rhoten from the SSRC (the Principal Investigator) and her colleague Andrew Parker from Stanford University (the co-investigator). Dr. Rhoten’s and Mr. Parker’s research focuses on examining interdisciplinary research. They are particularly interested in examining the composition and methods of research teams and groups and investigating how these factors influence the conduct of research programs and experiments and the products produced.

Dr. Rhoten and Mr. Parker will design and administer two surveys that will measure and characterize the collaborative activities undertaken by NCAR technical staff and how such activities change over time. In addition to the surveys, SSRC will conduct two rounds of interviews with selected NCAR staff, analyze the survey data, and present the results to NCAR in the form of a written report and presentation.

Participation in the survey and interview is completely voluntary. However, the success of the survey depends on a high level of participation and we would like to encourage each of you to respond to the survey. The identity of survey respondents will be treated as confidential information by the investigator and the survey data will not be used by NCAR management to evaluate the performance of any individual staff member. We hope that all NCAR scientists and engineers will see this as an opportunity to provide management with direct feedback about their scientific activities and the effects of the reorganization on them.

About the Researchers

Dr. Diana Rhoten
Dr. Rhoten is the director of the Knowledge Institutions and Innovation Program at the Social Science Research Council. Her primary research focuses on the social and technical conditions of interdisciplinary research and the practices and processes of integrative education and training.


Mr. Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker is doctoral student in sociology at Stanford University . Previously, he was a research consultant with the IBM Institute for Knowledge-Based Organizations (IKO) in Cambridge , MA . He has conducted research in a wide range of Fortune 500 organizations and government agencies.

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