(1) Updates

(i) Director's Opportunity Fund

Rick Katz and Andrew Crook reported on the recently completed review process for the NCAR Director's Opportunity Fund. The issue of how to improve the process in the future was discussed.

(ii) ARG Rules Revision

Rolando Garcia reported on the progress in revision of the Appointments Review Group (ARG) rules for selection of members. The memo from the NSA EC making recommendations for rules revision was approved, with only minor clarification, by the NCAR Directors Committee.

(iii) NCAR Future Computing

Rolando Garcia is serving as a member the Integrated Computing Environment for Scientific Simulation (ICESS) Procurement Scientific Advisory Panel (IPSAP). The only charge of this committee is the next supercomputer procurement.

(iv) NSA Web Site

It was proposed that a link to the NSA web site be added at the organization level of the UCAR web site.

(2) Report of NCAR Science Advisor

Joe Tribbia reported on his recent activities as NCAR Science Advisor. The most effort has been devoted to the revision of the NCAR Strategic Plan. There has been beneficial input from the NSA, this input has been well received, and has impacted the end result.

(3) Selection of New NCAR Science Advisor

The selection process for a new NCAR Science Advisor was discussed. Present NCAR Science Advisor, Joe Tribbia, will help with the transition process.

(4) Classified Research

The UCAR President's Council proposed policy on classified research at UCAR and NCAR is on the agenda at the UCAR Board Meeting next week. The NSA EC will monitor the outcome and then decide how to proceed.

(5) Next NSA-Wide Meeting

The next NSA-wide meeting will be held on Friday, 11 November, FL2 Auditorium. Tim Killeen is scheduled to speak, briefing the NSA on the strategic plan, budget situation, etc. It was agreed that NCAR future computing should be on the agenda.