(1) NSA Web Page

Rick Katz gave an update on the status of the NSA web page. Anne Oman (Directors Office) is designing a new web page, as well as providing support to update the site.

(2) Director's Opportunity Fund

Andrew Crook and Rick Katz are co-chairing the proposal review committee for the NCAR Director's Opportunity Fund. They gave an update on the review process. The remaining members of the committee have been selected: Jeff Anderson (CISL), Jorgen Jensen (EOL), Peggy LeMone (MMM), John Orlando (ACD), Peter Thornton (CGD), and Steve Tomczyk (HAO).

(3) ARG Membership Rules

Rolando Garcia led a discussion of proposed new membership rules for ARG, in the light of the changes brought about by the NCAR realignment. A number of recommendations were agreed on, including: (i) the selection of representatives from each administrative unit be left to the discretion of each administrative unit; and (ii) at-large members be selected by lottery from the NCAR-wide pool of senior scientists. Peggy LeMone and Rolando were charged with drafting a memo to the NCAR Directors Committee summarizing these recommendations.

(4) NCAR Strategic Plan

Joe Tribbia led a discussion about the revision of the NCAR Strategic Plan. One concern is how to enable the NSA to "speak for science" broadly at NCAR, while avoiding duplication of effort. The discussion centered on the upcoming Directors Retreat, 13-14 June, with the need to nominate scientists to participate.