(1) Letter from Tom Bogdan (acting SERE Director)

Tom Bogdan attended the meeting during the discussion of this agenda item. His letter proposed a series of talks focused on a common theme to bring the scientific staff together.

(2) Survey by Diana Rhoten

Briefings given by Diana Rhoten on the forthcoming survey were poorly attended. Reservations were expressed about launching survey at this time, including the lack of a web-based survey form option.

(3) Update from Joe Tribbia (NCAR Science Advisor) on Budget Situation

He attended nearly all the ABR presentations and participated actively in deliberations by the NCAR EC on how to distribute the budget shortfall, being treated as an equal (including voting power).

(4) Director's Opportunity Fund

Andrew Crook and Rick Katz were selected to co-chair the proposal review committee for this years competition of the NCAR Director's Opportunity Fund.

(5) Turnover of Officers for NSA EC

Rolando Garcia and Rick Katz were selected as co-chairs of the NSA EC, replacing Peggy LeMone and Roy Rasmussen.